MINERTEK was established as a subsidiary of EGEMAD Group specifically for R&D work and process technology development.

MINERTEK’s main aim is to develop environmentally friendly, low cost and effective processing technologies for the recovery of particularly oxidized metals, base metals, rare earth elements, and other minor valuable elements.

Besides conventional raw materials, there is an increasing demand for new elements such as rare earth elements due to the new technological developments in different fields such as energy, communication, automotive and aviation industries, etc. Currently, the supply of these elements at a reasonable cost and amount is an issue and there is a need for the development of new processing technologies.

MINERTEK has developed and is developing cost-effective technologies such as:

  • Nickel-Cobalt and Scandium recovery from laterite ores,
  • Zinc recovery from oxide ores by Ammonia Leach processing,
  • Scandium-Aluminium alloy processing,
  • Rare Earth Elements recovery processing.
Aluminum - Scandium Metal

Aluminum – Scandium Metal