EGEMAD has established and operates a number of subsidiary companies in order to manage increased number of projects effectively. These companies are as follows:


This company was established to develop metal mining prospects in Turkey.
Yozgat Copper and Gold project is one the most advanced projects where initial exploration activities resulted in high grade (~ 1.5% Cu and ~ 9 g/ton Au) intersections. EGEMAD Metal, also explores the investment opportunities for lead zinc and copper Project in Western Anatolia.

Invictus A.Ş.

The company was recently acquired from an Australian exploration company which has invested in a gold prospect in Central Anatolia between two operating gold mines. The chemical analysis on previous rock chip sampling showed gold values varying between 1.1 and 14.8 g/ton and the drilling program resulted in gold bearing zones at grades of 2.1, 4.6 and 21 g/ton.

Minertek A.Ş.

This company was established to make investments in innovative technologies on hydrometallurgy and metallurgy fields
such as;
•Scandium processing in nickel laterite ore,
•Scandium-aluminum alloy processing,
•Ammonia leach processing for zinc oxide ores,
•Critical metals recovery processing
•Rare Earth Elements recovery processing,

Egehidro A.Ş.

The company has developed 3 HEPP projects at total installed capacity of 45.7 MW in the Southern Turkey, Kahramanmaraş Province. The construction of the plants was successfully completed in 2015 and production was started in the same year.