EGEMAD Energy and Mining Company (EGEMAD) was established in Ankara, Turkey in March 2004 as a parent company which operates subsidiary companies in different fields.
Since its establishment EGEMAD has been operating in the energy, mining and minerals sectors as an asset developer by providing effective project management and wide range of engineering solutions.

EGEMAD provides unique solutions developed in-house and through affiliates and strategic alliances to fulfil the needs of mining and energy companies which require asset development and project management support and technical services.
EGEMAD’s focus is to develop assets not only in Turkey but also around the globe, such as Balkans and Africa.


Our vision is to develop mining and energy assets and effective project management by combining local knowledge with international experience in and around Turkey.


Our mission is to create assets and to add value to all mining and energy projects with professional and innovative approaches. In addition to project management, our mission is also to deliver top class engineering services at international standards in an effective and efficient manner.

Health and Safety

Our health and safety goal is to create a healthy and safe work place for our employees and for our clients by:
•Complying with relevant health and safety regulations;
•Continuously training employees to create and improve a safety culture,
•Planning in house and site activities to eliminate potential safety risks as much as possible,
•Keeping workplaces in safe condition.
•Providing safety gear to all employees.